Which Are the Best Hair Treatment Options Available in the Market?

Having your hair colored or trimmed at Hair Salon Financial District is certainly not the only thing you could go in for. Unraveling the various hair treatment options is certainly not easy! What hair salon shall you go to for a hair transplant? Hair Transplantation. Chemical straightening or electrolysis?

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Chemical straightening: It is a modern hair treatment technique that involves the application of chemicals or heat to keratin proteins to induce hair growth. One would be surprised to know that keratin protein does not grow along with the hair but it grows on its own. In case a person has damaged hair, Keratin treatment can help in the stimulation of healthy hair fibers and thus restore hair growth.

Treatment with heat: This is one of the latest trends in hair salon treatment. The application of heat is meant for temporarily curtailing the flow of water and air to the hair while styling. This reduces the effects of dryness and frizz. Most salons use this treatment system on clients with damaged hair and also on clients who have had chemically treated hair. However, if you wish to have such treatments done in your own hair salon, make sure you choose a good and experienced stylist.

Treatments with harsh chemicals: Hair straighteners, hair masks, and hair treatments with harsh chemicals do not have a place in a beauty parlor. Such treatments are meant for the hair to be made shinier and less porous. If you want to have such treatments done at home, make sure you use a product that is made from natural ingredients like Manuka honey. This ingredient contains keratin, which is beneficial to the hair. In addition to that, it is also very gentle.

Shine enhancement: There are many hair salons who still cling to the traditional oil method to enhance the shine of the hair. This can cause damage to the hair structure. You can avoid this by using heat. You can also opt for keratin products to condition and protect the hair structure.

Keratin products are also helpful in hair repair. A treatment with keratin can get rid of split ends and repair the damage on the hair cuticle. It can also make the hair looks shiny and invigorated. The treatment with keratin can strengthen hair cuticles and make them strong. This helps in hair repair to a great extent.

Conditioning treatment: One can opt for a conditioning treatment at home. This includes use of oils like lavender and coconut oil. These oils help in reducing the porosity of the hair. A good conditioner should improve the texture of the hair and add shine to the hair. You can also try some home made conditioning products that can help in reducing the porosity.

Shampooing or rinsing: You can also avoid shampooing or rinsing altogether. You can simply use cold water to remove excess oils from your hair. Cold water rinses the scalp without damaging the cuticle. Regular shampooing or rinsing can cause dryness, dullness, split ends etc.

Chemical treatments: Chemical treatment can be done by taking hair salons that offer chemical treatments. These hair salons use harsh chemicals that can cause extreme damage if not handled properly. So you must ask your stylists before undergoing this treatment. Chemical treatments are generally used to treat hair loss and re-grow hair.

At-home hair oiling kits: There are many at-home hair oiling kits that can be used to treat split ends etc. These kits include a kit-list and few simple instructions on how to use the treatment. If you wish to re-grow hair after using these treatments at home, you can opt for a salon treatment.

Heat styling: Heat styling is another treatment option that helps in treating damaged hair. In this process, heat is applied on the hair shaft to relax it and make it grow healthy hair faster. Hair stylist use hot water bottle and blow dryers to apply heat styling treatments. Some people tend to get sensitive skin when they use hot styling tools on their hair. So it would help if you asked your stylist before undergoing heat styling.

Detox treatment: One of the common reasons for hair loss is over consumption of alcohol, coffee, nicotine and junk foods. These substances tend to harm your hair strands and make them weak. To overcome this problem, you must undergo detoxification process at a hair salon. During detoxification, you will be provided with herbs and vitamins to ensure better hair growth. This treatment works well for all people suffering from hair loss.